Wikström AB in english

A consulting group with history

Wikström AB is an installation consultant for HVAC, energy solutions, environment and telecommunications systems. The company is headquartered in Gothenburg and has two other offices situated in Kinna and Falkenberg.

Wikström was founded in 1954, is a part of the Nya Wikhold Group and currently has about 40 employees. We develop and implement all services based on a holistic approach to environmental and life-cycle perspective. 

We work within the following areas:

  • Project design
  • District heating/cooling
  • Project management
  • Inspection and control
  • Energy diagnosis/Energy analysis
  • Energy declarations
  • Energy/environmental classification
  • Measurements
  • Education
Project design

Wikström AB works with many different project design assignments: offices, shops, schools and industry. This gives us broad expertise in different areas of HVAC/plumbing technology: ventilation, heating, cooling, and water and sewage. Our projects over the years have enabled us to specialize in areas including municipal sports' facilities and laboratories.

When dealing with alternative solutions (natural ventilation, cross ventilation, etc.), we work with our subsidiary DELTAte.

Contact us

For more information about us please contact:
Annika Aarthun at +46 31 707 23 15